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January - Garnet
February - Amethyst
March - Aquamarine or Bloodstone
April - Diamond
May- Emerald
June - Moonstone or Pearl
July - Carnelian or Ruby
August - Peridot or Sardonyx
September - Sapphire
October - Opal or Tourmaline
November - Topaz
December - Lapis Lazuli or Turquoise

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Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary - Traditional Modern

1 - Paper - Clocks
2 Cotton - China
3 Leather - Crystal
4 - Silk/flowers - Appliances
5 Wood - Silverware
6 - Candy/iron - Wood
7 - Wool/copper - Desk Sets
8 - Bronze/rubber - Linens
9 - Pottery - Leather
10 - Tin - Diamond jewelry
11 - Steel - Fashion jewelry
12 - Linen - Pearls
13 - Lace Textiles
14 - Ivory - Gold jewelry
15 - Crystal - Watches
20 - China - Platinum
25 - Silver - Silver
30 - Pearl - Pearl
35 - Coral - Jade
40 - Ruby - Ruby
45 - Sapphire - Sapphire
50 - Gold - Gold
55 - Emerald - Emerald
60 - Diamond - Diamond

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Meanings of Flowers and Trees

Acacia - Chaste Love
Acacia (pink) - Elegance
Acacia (rose) - Friendship, platonic love
Acacia (yellow) - secret love
Acanthus - Artifice, the fine arts
Aloe - Religious superstition
Allspice - Compassion
Almond (flowering) - Hope
Almond tree - Indescretion
Alyssum (sweet) - Worth beyond beauty
Amaranth - Immortality
Amaranth (globe) - Unfading love
Amaryllis - Pride, splendid beauty, timidity
Ambrosia - Love returned
Amethyst - Admiration
Anemone - Expectation, sickness
Anemone (garden) - Forsaken
Angelica - Inspiration
Apple - Temptation
Apple blossom - preference
Ash tree - Grandeur
Ash (mountain) - Prudence
Aspen tree - Lamentation
Aster - Variety
Auricula - Importune me not
Auricula (scarlet) - Avarice
Azalea - Temperance; love; romance
Baby's breath posies - Gentleness, everylasting love
Bachelor's buttons - Single blessedness
Balm - Sympathy
Balm of Gilead - Cure
Balsam - Ardent love
Balsam (red) - Impatient yet resolved to win your love
Balsam (yellow) - Impatience
Barberry - Sharpness
Basil (common) - Hatred
Basil (sweet) - Good wishes
Bay leaf - Consistency, I change but in death
Bay tree - Glory
Bay wreath - Reward of merit
Beech tree - Prosperity
Begonia - Dark thoughts
Bell flower - Gratitude
Belladonna - Silence
Bindweed (Great) - Insinuation
Bindweed (Small) - Humility
Birch Tree - Gracefulness, meekness
Bittersweet - Truth

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Meanings of Gemstones

Agate - Endows the wearer with calmness, courage, eloquence, health, longevity, virtue, and wealth

Amethyst - Symbolizes deep love, happiness, humility, sincerity and wealth

Aquamarine - Believed to ensure continual happiness and constancy in love; symbolizes health, hope and youth

Beryl - Symbolizes everlasting youth, happiness and hope

Bloodstone - Believed to endow courage, wisdom, and vitality; symbolizes audaciousness, brilliance, courage, generosity and health

Carbunkle - Symbolizes constancy, energy, self-confidence, and strength

Carmelian - Symbolizes courage, joy, friendship, and peace; believed to disperse evil thought and sorrow

Cat's Eye - Symbolizes long life and platonic love; believed to warn its owner of approaching danger

Chrysoberyl - Symbolizes patience in sorrow

Chrysolite - Symbolizes disappointed love and wisdom

Coral - Symbolizes attachment; believed to me an amulet against natural disasters, disease, bad luck and jealous friends

Crystal - Symbolizes purity and simplicity

Diamond - Symbolizes brilliance, constancy, excellence, innocence, invulnerable faith, joy, life, love, and purity

Emerald - Symbolizes spring, rebirth, hope, peace, and tranquility; believed to endow its wearer with an accommodating and pleasing disposition

Garnet - Symbolizes constancy, faith, loyalty, and strength; believed to endow its wearer with cheerfulness and sincerity

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You know you will be married soon when

A chicken enters your house with a straw in its mouth, which it leaves.
A mockingbird flies over your house
A white dove comes near your house
A spider descends from the ceiling and "dances" up and down
A cow moos during the night

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Your marriage will be a happy one if

You feed a cat out of one of your shoes just before you are married

A cat sneezes in front of your bride (or you, if you are the bride) on the day before you are married

Either of you dreams about your wedding day

You marry in June, since "married in the month of June, life will be one honeymoon"

Your wedding ceremony lasts between half an hour and an hour (the rising hand of the clock denotes rising fortune)

You are married in the afternoon

You are married on a beautiful day (rainy weather forecasts a stormy marriage)

A ray of sunshine falls on you as you leave the church

It snows on the day of your wedding

You see a lamb or a dove on the way to the church

A flock of white birds flies directly over you on your way to the wedding ceremony

You carry bread in your pocket and throw it away (represents you throwing away your troubles) or give it to someone who is hungry (forecasting good fortune during your marriage, because of your generosity) on your wedding day

A spider is found crawling on the bride's wedding dress before the two of you are married

The bride wears earrings during the marriage ceremony

The bride has her hair done, her veil put on, by a happily married woman just before the wedding

A new dime is put in the bride's left shoe just before she walks down the aisle

Orange blossoms are used in your wedding decorations (they bring good fortune, since - according to ancient custom - they represent innocence, purity, lasting love, and fertility)

You carry a pinch of salt to the church (it will chase away evil spirits)

The bridesgroom carries a horseshoe in his pocket during the wedding (a miniature one will do)

The bride cries on her wedding day (it means she has cried all her tears away)

You both step into, and leave, the church with your right foot first

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Your marriage will go sour if you

Get married to someone born in the same month as you

Get married on your birthday

Get married during Lent

Postpone your wedding (old customs believed that one of you would die shortly if you did this)

Let the bridegroom see the bride in her bridal dress before your wedding ceremony

Let the bride wear pearls on your wedding day (each pearly representing a tear she will shed during the marriage)

Get married in a church with bats (if one flies over you during the ceremony, it will bring you both bad luck)

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St Valentine s Day Trivia


110 million roses, the majority red, will be sold and delivered within a three-day time period.
Valentine's Day is the big time of year for red roses; Mothers' Day means more pastel roses.
California produces 60 percent of American roses, but the vast number sold on Valentine's Day in the United States are imported, mostly from South America.
15% of U.S. women send themselves flowers on Valentine's Day.
73% of people who buy flowers for Valentine's Day are men, while only 27 percent are women.

About 1 billion Valentine's Day cards are exchanged each year. That's the largest seasonal card-sending occasion of the year, next to Christmas.
One-third of all Valentine cards are accompanied by gifts.
Romantic cards are the best-sellers. Victorian era-influenced cards are prominent this year.
An estimated 25 percent of Valentine's Day cards are humorous
More than 50 percent of cards are sold the week of the holiday, with the largest and most elaborate Valentine cards sold 48 hours before February 14.
70 percent of those celebrating the holiday give a card, followed by a telephone call (49 percent), gift (48 percent), special dinner (37 percent), candy (33 percent) restaurant meal (30 percent), and flowers (19 percent).
Teachers will receive the most Valentine's Day cards, followed by children, mothers, wives, and then, sweethearts. Children ages 6 to 10 exchange more than 650 million Valentine's cards with teachers, classmates, and family members
Hallmark has over 1330 different cards specifically for Valentine's Day.

Conversation Hearts: In 1866, candy manufacturer NECCO made the first "Conversation Hearts" then called "Motto Hearts." According to NECCO, eight billion of these little candies are sold between January 1 and February 14.
More than 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for Valentine's Day.

In the United States, 64 percent of men do not make plans in advance for a romantic Valentine's Day with their sweethearts.
The Italian city of Verona, where Shakespeare's lovers Romeo and Juliet lived, receives about 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet every Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day is big business. Consumers will spend an average of $77.43 on Valentine's Day gifts this year. E-commerce retailers expect to rack up about $650 million in sales of food, candy, flowers, and other Valentine's Day gifts. Of that amount about $350 million will be for gifts and flowers and another $45 million will be spent on food (including chocolate) and wine.
About 3% of pet owners will give Valentine's Day gifts to their pets.

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Kissing Trivia

At the Minnesota Renaissance Festival on 15 September 1990, Alfred Wolfram from New Brighton, kissed 8001 people in 8 hours - over sixteen people a minute.

Bobbi Sherlock and Ray Blazina smooched for 130 hours and 2 minutes between 1-6 May 1978.

John C Rice kissed May Irwin in 1896, and became the first couple to be recorded kissing in the film called The Kiss.

The longest kiss in films history was between Jane Wyman and Regis Tommey in the 1941 film, You're in the Army Now. The kiss lasted 3 minutes and 5 seconds, or 1/25th of the total running time.

According to legend, any person who kisses the Blarney Stoney in the 15th century Blarney Castle in Cork, will be endowed with the gift of eloquence and persuasive flattery.

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How did the custom of kissing start

Over time, the custom of kissing developed as a way for adults to express their love and affection for one another. The roots of this form of affection can be traced back to primitive times, when mothers fondled their children, much as mothers do today.

Much later, in the sixth century, society apparently accepted the custom of kissing between adults as an expression of their affection. Not surprisingly, France first accepted kissing in courtship, and in amore. There, figure dancing was the rage, and each dance was sealed with a kiss.

The custom of kissing swept from France through Europe to Russia, where Russian nobility loved to ape the French. Eventually, the kiss was incorporated into marriage ceremonies, and today lip-locks couples into sweet matrimony.

The custom of kissing today, as well as in ancient times, serves to show respect, and to pay homage to another. For example, early Romans kissed each other on the mouth or on the eyes to greet one another in a manner they deemed to be a dignified. One Roman emperor even ranked a person's importance by the body part he was allowed to kiss. He allowed important nobles to kiss his lips, less important ones to kiss his hands, and the least important ones to kiss his feet.

In Russia, the highest sign of recognition from the Crown meant a kiss from the Tsar himself. Today, natives of many African tribes pay homage to their Chief by kissing the ground over which he has walked.

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