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If you think you cant trust him, then set him free. If he really love you he won't accept the breakup. But if he really had and affair he could just be mixing around with people. Don't worry as long as he keep in touch always with you. You have nothing to worry about. When he stop contacting with you just forget him.Im sure theres a better guy coming to your life. Thats why you lose sombody.


Try this thing out. It will be such a surprise.

Responded: Mimi Carey


It really depends if you should leave him,QUSETION,when he was home did heeverdirespect you by cheatin, breaking up for no reason, or lookin at other girls, if he did there's your answer

BUT if he didn't, STOP being so insecure because guy hate insecure females because they areCRAZY and DARANGED and they STALK. So lay off just a little bit. OK!!!!

Responded: Chinq

  girl as a correctional officer i see this all of the time u may be just a source of money to him while he is locked up and if u started dating him while he was in prison then this is defentinely to be doomed get out now before u get hurt..........their is plenty of single free men out there
Responded: dusty







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