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  i think that you should send it. dont write too much in it. but let her know that you were thinking about her. who knows, if not a relationship...a great friendship could be rekindled out of it.
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  Absolutely send it.  the same thing happened to me.  I went with this guy for 6 months and because he was older than me I think he felt uncomfortable.  We broke up for a year and out of the blue he sent me a card.  I had never stopped loving him and i was so happy when i received his card.  To make a long story short we are now married with two children.  nothing ventured, nothing gained.  If she doesn't respond then what have you really lost.  on't spend your life wondering what if.  Go for it.  I hope things work out for you and if they don't at least you will know where you stand.  GOOD LUCK!!!
Responded: Mimi

  to be brief friendship never fails even if the love does. Send her the card and let her know that you still care . just the thought of you could bring it all back or she will also want to be friends either way you gain her back ! best of luck
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Hello......Want 2 know if u ever sent that card to ur ex?

If so how did it go........It's better 2 have loved than not loved at all.......

Responded: NiceGirl


If you haven't sent it by now........SEND IT!!!!!

Somewhere in my pea brain, I seem to recall a saying something to the effect of Faint heart never won fair maiden So what've you got to lose? 37cents for the stamp?

Go for it........and let us know!!!!!!

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