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  I too see that we women have to change something about ourselves to feel better about us .  But at the same time if I personally ever do something it's for me the diets or the hair dying all for me no man can make me feel as good as a nice hair dye and my nails done and of course the loose of a couple pounds . With the right look all women can feel good about themselves I say do it for you not men . As for this post the two women that gave up for the men maybe the men like the women for who they are not what they are wearing or their waist line .
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  Quick post....I feel that way too. But I think maybe the may have something to do with the time a woman spends with her man. Really, I know when I start dating a guy I spend a lot of time with...especially if they live with me, it is hard and kind of pointless to be dressed up and looking radiant all the time. BUT, I understand and I see it too. Priorities change, and maybe the ''man" prefers the woman to not be so done up all the time. That has happened many times with me.
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Main / Cheaters and Marital Relations

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