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  Yeah ur rite there r many facts to over look wit this...they have known each other years and have a soon 2gether.....I think he is stayin 4 d lil lad and he told me he luvs me and will leave her wen d time is rite.....I did sleep over at her house but she wasn't there at the time......I believe he luvs me and cos i luv him i don't want him to rush into anythin yet specially wen there is a child involved....
Responded: sissygirl

  woah kind of seems like you are hearing what you want to hear. i said those all need to be contributing factors. not one or two of them. you need to be able to spend the night there when she is there. SORRY but you said it yourself...he will "leave HER when the time is right."
Responded: Guest

  I didn't give u d full story at d beginning... I cheated on him over and over again so maybe it's my fault he wont leave her... I did it cos he was living with her but i think i made it worse now...... Wat a mess...
Responded: sissygirl

  Oh, I see. Yeah....sounds like a messy situation. The best thing would be to probably sit down and have a long discussion and maybe let him know how it makes you feel...You know? If he doesn't respect that then maybe it isn't meant to be. You wouldn't want someone like that anyways...Right?
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Main / Cheaters and Marital Relations

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