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hello sissygirl.....

Don't know wat 2 say..... bye

Responded: hard headed woman

  Hon, maybe I have a warped perspective on this...but...he's living with the mother of his child. Obviously,they "slept" together to create this little one. I think he's still sleeping with her....but doesn't want to tick you off just in case things don't work out with mommie.Being honest, I doubt if I could share the same house with a woman I'd slept with  without continuing to sleep with her. Now for a female friend who I'd never slept with....I could do that...but someone I'd shared the same bed with.......I doubt it.Don't want to hurt you, but I'm afraid he's up to no good.....and remember....this comes from a male pov.
Responded: Guest

  Hey thank u for dat.U really opened my eyes,I guess its only cos I luv him dat I did'nt want to c any further dan dat.Doesn't make it any easier to leave him doe....
Responded: sissygirl


Hon, I know what you're going through....wish I could make it easier on you.....but I can't.Look at it another way.......You deserve a lot better!!!!

Wishing you the best.......

Responded: Guest

  I am going to go with...yeah, he is up to no good UNLESS.... and this is giving the ultimate benefit of the doubt: he has no other options for places to live AND him and the mom have known eachother for years AND they have been friends for years after their baby was concieved AND you are over there all the time and there is no akward moments or tension AND the woman has a man of her own who is also allowed over there with no problems. NOTICE I SAID ''AND'' INSTEAD OF ''OR''.... that is because under all those circumstances I think it may be possible that they are in fact friends and that is also because I am friends with almost every guy I have been with and can be around them and even sleep in the same bed without doing anything...But keep in mind honey, I am trying to give the ultimate benefit of the doubt to not jump to conclusions and disregard the obvious factors.
Responded: Guest







Main / Cheaters and Marital Relations

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