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  fuck him he didnt mean to hurt u but he did so to #### with him u can probably do alot better than him!!!!!!!!!!
Responded: insane man

  wow...that is some bull shit. you need to call that off real quick. if you let this slide, that is just giving him more leadway. who knows what else he'll do. get out of it while you still can, how could you let yourself be with a man and promise forever knowing that he did that. he doesnt deserve you now.
Responded: Guest

  I've heard two different viewpoints on cheating.  " If they do it once, they will do it again", and that someone" can forgive the person".  A foundation of a good relationship is trust, and trust is something that is given to your partner at the beginning of a relationship, but it is also something that is really difficult to repair sonce it has been broken.  You can forgive him, but only determine whether or not he deserves to be forgiven.  There is a saying  " if someone does something to you once, then shame on them.  If it happsn twice, then " shame on you."  I am not saying to forgive him, but, if you do and he does it again, then the relationship should be terminated because obviously he will continue to do it.
Responded: zephyra

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Main / Cheaters and Marital Relations

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