The House of Quiet



I am thankful for my life and all its sweetness; the shadows have gone, and it seems to me now as though all the happiness came from God, and all the shadow was of my own making. And the strangest thought of all is that the darkest shadow has always been this very passing, which now seems to me the most natural thing in the world. None the less am I thankful for this great and crowning gift of love -- the one thing that I had missed. It is there, and that is enough. In her presence it seemed to me that Love stood side by side with Death, two shining sisters.
But yesterday I murmured over having been given, as it were, so sweet a cup to taste, and then having the cup dashed from my lips. Today I see that Love was the crown of my poor life, and I thank God with all the strength of my spirit for putting it into my hand as His last and best gift. And I thanked her too for deigning to love me; and even as I did so, the thought broke to pieces, as it were, and escaped from the feeble words in which I had veiled it. For were we not each other's before the world was made? And the thought of myself and herself fled from me, and we were one spirit, thinking the same thoughts, sustained by the same strength.

One more word I said, that she must live and cast abroad by handfuls the love she would have garnered for me; that the sorrow that lay heavy on her heart must be fruitful, not a devastating sorrow; and that however much alone she might seem, that I should be there, like one who kneels without a closed door -- and so we said farewell.

Category: Parting Author: A C Benson Source: The House of Quiet

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The House of Quiet
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