The 2014 Horoscope

2014 Year of the Green Wooden Horse

2014 is a fantastic year for sky watchers. There are many celestial happenings that will affect the way you manage you love, health, career and finances. January 1st opens on a Wednesday and feelings for family and friends open up your heart. Reach out to lost friends and acquaintances this 2014 Year of the Green Horse and let your life be energized by different personalities. Spend time with the needy and volunteer to provide much needed assistance to those who have very little.

Earth star signs will have a 2014 filled with respect and recognition, promotions and raises. Water signs may have to adjust to new environments and relationships and the fire signs will have the activity levels that characteristic of the Year of the Green Horse. Follow the example of air signs who will forge bonds with partners who will make them secure in a troubled year.

The North Node or a mathematical point that defines the relationship between the Earth, Moon and Sun holds Scorpio in its grasp until February 2014. Saturn stays in this same node the entire year. As Pluto move in the North Node, there will be extreme storms and flooding. The exact opposite of the United States is China and they too will have difficulty in weather patterns. October brings intense energy in the skies with wind storms, rain, and hurricanes.

The world economies are in chaos and this can be attributed to Saturn passing through the eighth house of finances. 2014 is the best year in the cycle to consider reality and save. Money illusions will be shattered, taxes will rise and incomes will continue to fall. Unemployment is again of huge concern.

The first few months of 2014 see Jupiter returning and passing by the Sun. Balancing work and home plus emotion tides will seem almost overwhelming. Let go of the past and strive toward your big picture and your future. Be responsible for what you do and take charge of your own destiny. Do not rely on governments to provide stability or security. Confidence in political systems seems to raise the last of 2014 and there may be an upswing in favorable statistics for political leaders.

Education will be a focus of 2014 as Venus and Jupiter exchange greetings between February and April. There will be more support for entertainment as citizens seek to find distractions from global troubles. More technological skills and developments with new types of communicators and travel are predicted for 2014 and with great energy the Year of the Green Horse will compliment neighborhoods and cities.

All in all the Sun moving from February 21st to April 17th brings challenges. But it can also bring peace and a bit of harmony that lasts until the close of the warmer months. Be careful of not being too optimistic that you throw away savings plans and food storage. There is still quite a bit of year to get through and it can only be accomplished with proactive preparation.

 2014 Horoscope Aries Saturn will have a great influence over your career in 2014 Aries. There will be delays during January and February in raises and promotions. Relationships are at stake during 2014 and problems only get larger. Small accidents plague your health and love is not well. Avoid stress to prevent poor functioning. Finances, however, are going to be just fine.

 2014 Horoscope Taurus Still depressed over relationships Taurus and 2014 will not be any better. Long distance friendships are best. Do buy luxuries this year. Your energy is quite high during the first half of the year but August through November will be a touchy for your body. Your career is good this year, but if you want to leave the country for work, you should go between March and September.

 2014 Horoscope Gemini The end of 2014 will be good for you. Up until that time you will have fate stepping in to cause difficulties. Keep socializing with friends but do be alert. Your finances are improving and by the end of the year you will be free from debt. Love is committed and will be good for you. Watch for Mercury in your house of spirituality Gemini.

 2014 Horoscope Cancer Cancer, opportunities to make money are increasing in 2014 but stress will cause health issues. Control your expenditures and save. Do not speculate in volatile financial markets. Your love is a bit on the difficult side. Venus moves through your house of family helping you to think before speaking. Watch the moon for magical solutions to sticky problems.

 2014 Horoscope Leo Move forward with plans and relatives will help you with goals. Love life is not that favorable and there might be a splitting of partnership in early 2014. Face health issues with courage and change your diet plans. As 2014 moves on spirituality will become important to you. This is a good year for going back to school Leo.

 2014 Horoscope Virgo As your reputation in your career grows, so will your financial health. Virgo, work pressure cause huge problems with relationships. Stay open to new opportunities. You will need assistance from a coworker in June. Find “me” time to rejuvenate. If you are a stock market trader stop this year. You will sustain many losses. Mercury influences worship and spirituality.

 2014 Horoscope Libra If you are single Libra, you may have marriage proposals coming your way. You will not be very fortunate in money dealings; stay away from investments. In the middle of the year you will travel for business and this will be great for your career. Take care with health. It is a trend to eat well and you need to follow it.

 2014 Horoscope Scorpio Scorpio confusion in your career is ramped by the inattentiveness of coworkers who do not understand a project. Go on business trips and add in pleasure to those trips. Your love life is harmonious and sweet during most of the year, but can fall part in October. Try not to flirt with just anyone in the office; you will get in trouble.

 2014 Horoscope Sagittarius Teamwork is the key for 2014 Sagittarius. Avoid traveling January through June and keep your love intact by being sentimental. Health is not going to be very good. Begin the New Year by eating well, exercising, and practicing positivity. Family time is emphasized in August and December. Investments will pay off by November.

 2014 Horoscope Capricorn A good year for you, Capricorn with positive events in both your career and romance. Your family life is positive, but there may be arguments over inheritance. Stay on top of little annoyances in your health and keep away from extreme sports. Bring in a trusted friend to help you with a business venture that involves a beloved hobby.

 2014 Horoscope Aquarius The beginning of 2014 will bring sadness and heartache for you Aquarius. The death of a loved one or of a relationship is on tap. Your career will be a positive note in your life and a promotion is on the horizon. Travel to visit relatives highlights your year. Share your feelings with family to bring everyone closer together.

 2014 Horoscope Pisces Energy is high for you Pisces. There are crucial business decisions the first part of the year. Plan to travel to dangerous parts of the world. This is not a good year to change jobs or environments. Think about what you want. A friend may turn into a love and if you are single this is great. Health is relatively good, but do beware of over indulging in drink and food.



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