What have the stars prepared for your love life? Find out more with our free Scorpio love horoscopes. There is also the signs compatibility for your greater passion.

Scorpio Scorpio Intense, deep, magnetic, powerful, secretive, sexual

Other People in Your Life:
This type is secretive but highly suggestive of hidden depths and possibilities. There is always a hint of sexuality and the possibility of a quick pickup or shot in the arm that comes from contact with this type. There is also some hint of danger lurking and the thrill of the unknown.

Love & Friedship in your Stars:
This is not a fruitful sign for gentle feelings of love, as the native and those he chooses as close friends are secretive about their intent toward each other. The strongest bond between such relationships is a naive curiosity about the other's personal and intimate affairs. There is always in these relationships a sexual undertone, whether acknowledged on the surface or not. The force of circumstances creates strong, intense relationships but also sweeps them aside when times change. There is always a certain intensity of feeling and a heightened sense of urgency with these alliances, as though trying to catch the last bus. Look for the location of Pluto in the horoscope to see the real meaning or intention of these people in your life.

Horoscope for : March 2 th - March 8 th, 2009

This week's scenario is highlighted by dreams, wishes, and fantasies about love, and you may be infatuated with someone you meet at this time, only to be disappointed later when you discover this person does not fulfill all of your expectations. You are simply not seeing people objectively now. Your imagination is very active and creative, however, and so is your yearning for something beautiful. The artist in you emerges, and your creations please and inspire you. This time is filled with stimulating discussions about controversial topics, unusual or offbeat ideas, or "crazy" schemes.

Your lucky numbers are:
2, 8, 14, 18, 32,

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Scorpio (Symbol of The Scorpio) is an Water sign
Ruling Planet: Mars, Pluto
Style: Fixed
Birth gemstone: Topaz
Color: Burgundy
Flower: Chrysanthemum
Virtue: Intense Dedication
Character: Endurance

Compatibility for Scorpio sign of The Scorpio
Most Compatible Partners: Cancer, Pisces
Nearly Compatible Partners: Virgo, Capricorn
Least Compatible Partners: Leo, Aquarius



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