What have the stars prepared for your love life? Find out more with our free Libra love horoscopes. There is also the signs compatibility for your greater passion.

Libra Libra Diplomatic, harmonious, cooperative, partnership-led

Other People in Your Life:
This type is social, always seeking others out or trying to turn them on to test their views or reactions, and if possible draw them out so they see themselves to new advantage. They make us feel good because they are interested in us.

Love & Friedship in your Stars:
This is probably the most favorable sign for extensive love relationships and friendships among talented and artistic people. The native always shows concern for the other person's viewpoint and is generally unselfish and most desirous to give and receive pleasure in social groups. The location of Venus will show the specific benefit which the native may expect from all these extensive social contacts.

Horoscope for : March 2 th - March 8 th, 2009

This week's scenario is highlighted by you being less cautious, more adventurous, confident, and willing to spread your wings to explore new possibilities. This shift in attitude is also accompanied by adopting a much more liberal, perhaps extravagant and less ethical, approach to life. You are more willing to borrow money and spend savings in order to have the things you feel are necessary to enjoy a life of greater prosperity and freedom. You also travel a lot now and mix more easily with people of different social, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. You are much less provincial in your approach to life. You are also likely to attend parties and other social gatherings where you mix with people of a higher economic strata or higher educational level than your usual circle of friends.

Your lucky numbers are:
5, 9, 11, 21, 35,

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Libra (Symbol of The Scales) is an Air sign
Planet: Venus
Style: Cardinal
Birth gemstone: Opal
Color: Lavender
Flower: Rose
Virtue: Fairness
Character: Harmony

Compatibility for Libra sign of The Scales
Most Compatible Partners: Gemini, Aquarius
Nearly Compatible Partners: Leo, Sagittarius
Least Compatible Partners: Cancer, Capricorn



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