What have the stars prepared for your love life? Find out more with our free Taurus love horoscopes. There is also the signs compatibility for your greater passion.

Taurus Taurus Reliable, loyal, practical, productive, secure, stubborn

Other People in Your Life:
The type we notice is physical, earthy, practical, rugged, dependable, and he gravitates toward conditions of comfort and attractive surroundings.

Love & Friedship in your Stars:
Love is considered a material advantage and a source of comfort and addition to the general attractiveness of one's surroundings. A practical angle enters into all friendly relationships, and lovers are measured by the gratification and attractive contribution they can make to or receive from the native. All close relationships must meet the test of physical attractiveness, down-to-earth reality and source of comfort and satisfaction derived. For the focus of this need, look to the location of Venus in the horoscope.

Horoscope for : March 2 th - March 8 th, 2009

This week's scenario is highlighted by you finding yourself being more dynamic and aggressive which will stimulate your romantic relationship. You could easily lose patience with your spouse or partner and your answers will be dogmatic and final. Your jealousy and your desire for domination also will increase. This influence is a sign of a passionate year with intense situations. Unless you take care to negotiate and make satisfactory agreements, there could be separations. Your relationship with friends or associates could also become very tense and there could be frequent arguments. You will become more domineering with the people around you.

Your lucky numbers are:
6, 8, 14, 20, 24,

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Taurus (Symbol of The Bull) is an Earth sign
Ruling Planet: Venus
Style: Fixed
Birth gem stone: Emerald
Color: Pale Blue
Flower: Violet
Virtue: Reliability
Character: Determination

Compatibility for Taurus sign of The Bull
Most Compatible Partners: Virgo, Capricorn
Nearly Compatible Partners: Cancer, Pisces
Least Compatible Partners: Leo, Aquarius



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