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Sweet and Tender Love Quotes

Relationships are like Rome. Difficult 
to start out, incredible during the 
prosperity of the 'Golden Age', and 
unbearable during the fall. Then, a new 
kingdom will come along and the whole 
process will repeat itself until you come 
across a kingdom like Egypt.. that 
thrives, and continues to flourish. 
This kingdom will become your best 
friend, your soulmate, and your love. 

Helen Adams Keller
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Lost Love Quotes

In secret we met - In silence I grieve, 
That thy heart could forget, Thy spirit 
deceive. If I should meet thee After 
long years, How should I greet thee? - 
With silence and tears. 

/Lord Byron/
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Romantic Quotes

Somewhere there waiteth in this world 
of ours For one lone soul another lonely 
soul, Each choosing each through all the 
weary hours, And meeting strangely at one 
sudden goal, Then blend they, like green 
leaves with golden flowers, Into one 
beautiful and perfect whole; And life's 
long night is ended, and the way Lies 
open onward to eternal day. 

/Somewhere There Waiteth/ 
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Inspirational and Motivational

Love one another as Jesus loves you. 
Try to show kindness in all that you do. 
Be gentle and loving in deed and in thought, 
For these are the things Jesus taught. 

Unknown author 
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Love Proverbs

No one has ever loved anyone 
The way everyone wants to be loved

Unknown author 
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Teen Love Quotes

It is not a word, nor a single action.
In truth, it can never be wrong 
Like the sunrise, perfect in every possible way.
It is many things and yet it must exist 
In the small space of the heart.
Once found it can bloom endlessly, with no cease.
It can choke one's throat, bring one to tears...
But it never hides in shadows or in darkness
It never feeds itself on deception.
It grows with trust, honesty and compassion. 
Nothing less, always more.

Unknown author 
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Breaking Up Quotes

I hated her now with a hatred more 
fatal than indifference because it 
was the other side of love. 

/August Strindberg/
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Boyfriends / Girlfriends

When you realize 
You want to spend 
The rest of your life with somebody, 

You want the rest of your life 
To start as soon as possible. 

/When Harry met Sally/ 
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Marriage quotes

If it's true that men are such beasts, 
this must account for the fact that 
most women are animal lovers. 

/Doris Day/
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Friendship Quotes

Love is a many splintered thing.

Unknown author 
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Broken Heart Quotes

Oh she's nice, she's kind,
Innocent too. 
She's probably pretty 
The right one for you
So Just forget me: 
I'm only a friend 
Though I'll be with You 
Until the end

 Sharon M. M.
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Passionate Quotes

Mysterious love, uncertain treasure, 
Hast thou more of pain or pleasure!..
Endless torments dwell above thee: 
Yet who would live, and live without thee! 

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