What have the stars prepared for your love life? Find out more with our free Gemini love horoscopes. There is also the signs compatibility for your greater passion.

Gemini Gemini Adaptable, quick, light-hearted, sociable, dual, talkative

Other People in Your Life:
This type is witty, charming, mentally stimulating, full of ideas and opinions, outspoken in his criticism—and he flies from subject to subject!

Love & Friedship in your Stars:
One's lovers are generally chosen on their talent for mental stimulation. There is much lively interchange between the native and his friends. Depth is not favored as much as versatility and variety. One's friends all would appear especially talented and persuasive in salesmanship. For the use of this stimulation see the key that Mercury provides.

Horoscope for : March 2 th - March 8 th, 2009

This week's scenario is highlighted by a period you will enjoy your intimate and personal relationships a great deal, especially if you are with a partner. This week will be very favorable for companionship and for all types of relationships. You will have a positive response from others and will feel the protection and help from those around you. If you are not involved with anyone, you could begin a very positive relationship during this time that will be very beneficial for you. You will have contacts with influential and powerful people, probably people from other countries. The important relationships could be personal as well as professional.

Your lucky numbers are:
3, 11, 29, 33, 53,

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Gemini (Symbol of The Twins) is an Air sign
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Style: Mutable
Birth gemstone: Agate
Color: Yellow
Flower: Lily of the valley
Virtue: Alertness
Character: Communication

Compatibility for Gemini sign of The Twins
Most Compatible Partners: Libra, Aquarius
Nearly Compatible Partners: Aries, Leo
Least Compatible Partners: Virgo, Pisces



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