Break the Pattern of Abusive Relationships

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Women who get involved with abusive men are typically those who had abusive childhood home environments. This kind of upbringing tends to normalize abusive behavior in all relationships. What this means is that women from this kind of a background are not as keen to the subtleties of abuse the way "healthy" women are.

On a positive note, there is a silver lining here-all behavior can be relearned, including the ability to recognize early signs of abuse as unacceptable behaviors in a relationship. Once this is learned, a woman will be able to break free from unhealthy relationships with men who are no good for her.

Below is a list of common abusive behaviors to watch for:

- Criticism about your good qualities;
- Past abusive relationships;
- Criminal activities;
- Drinking or drug problems, past or present;
- Mood swings;
- Discourages your successes;
- Jealousy;
- Abusive family members or spouses of siblings;
- Attempts to control your whereabouts;
- Disrespect toward your publicly or privately;
- Violations of others rights;
- Irresponsibility;
- Attempts to keep you isolated;
- Persistent lying;
- History of truancy, delinquency and running away;
- Highly reactive;
- Streaks of meanness toward others for no reason;
- Threatened by relationships with other men, past, present or imagined.

In order to recognize early abusive signs, a woman must stop rationalizing "abusive" behaviors as "normal." If she sees ONE abusive behavior, regardless of how small, she needs to remind herself that it IS abuse. Period! With this new skill, she will soon be dating men who treat her with dignity and respect-the way all women deserve to be treated.
Nancy Fagan, M.S., author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Romance” and “Desirable Men: How to Find Them.”

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All this stuff is absolute untrue!!!!!!!! I thought I'd blow up while I was reading that!!!! How dare you men , I mean all of you, to write such things or even to think like that? I think you should better watch yourself instead of making such " L I S T S "! Criticism about your good qualities- you are too much mighty!! good qualities, ahhh a kind of " I'm too perfect to help you clean the house!" Criminal activities you must be "mama's boy" if you are so affraid to do somethig funny! Mood swings- have you ever heard of premenstrual problems? Jealousy- well it is difficult to stay calm if your husband (Beloved husband) can't take his eyes off that sweet, young girl isn't it? Irresponsibility - are you all perfect? Life is a thing that full of unexpected things! Threatened by relationships with other men, past, present or imagined - do you have any suggestion on how I can make him do something important, to make him get up and try to earn more money for HIS kids? Should I carry on?
Posted by: Sheila



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