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These dating tips that are probably the most effective and useful dating secrets you can read ANYWHERE in the web assigned for those men who has some problems in communication with the opposite sex. You shouldn't count that if you just follow our advises you will solve all your problems. It probably won't happen, but at least you will learn how to understand women.

1. It is very important so that you had a shaved face. Most of the women love shaved faces. Not all of them of coarse, but it is much safer to be shaved than unshaved, thus a soft face may be considered as "pretty".

2. Try to smell well. There are several ways to avoid this problem. You can use deodorants. Under normal circumstances most modern women hate sweat odor. You can use either perfume, or non-smelling, which is more preferable than good-smelling, because there is always a chance that use the same/similar perfume her ex boy-friend used.

3. Try to show tolerance and be open-minded. Avoid showing sarcasm and negativity because it can indicate that you are probably on the losing side of life. In general, anything that can cause you a bad mood or her bad mood should be avoided.

4. Tell her name. If you want to know her name just introduce yourself and she will most probably tell you her name out of politeness. You should use it when you talk with her. It will help you to create a more intimate atmosphere.

5. If you are dating a lady on several times then you should use a different perfume each day. Ask which she prefers the most and than it. It will be a good idea to use an expensive perfume to not smell like anybody else. If she is sophisticated she will estimate it.

6. You mustn't be drunk when you are meeting the woman. If the woman that wants to make the first step and are incredibly shy, she may welcome a drunken man. But the most of women can't stand drunken men. As a result you can even get a bad fame.

7. You should be dressed nicely. While preparing for date you should put on good clothes (shirt, tie). If you are not sure what to wear try to ask some girls what clothes they like a man to wear or you should go clothes-shopping with a female relative or a female co-worker. Avoid wearing those clothes at all costs even when they are inappropriate or don't suit you. For example if you are going to the football match and you wear beautiful but uncomfortable clothes that make you sweat? On the other hand if you really want to find a girl-friend, you should be dressed well whenever and wherever you go. You go to an exhibition? Shave and dress well. You go to a football match? Shave and dress well! It is very important to remember those women are very "clothes-aware". If you are always dressed up it is a sign that you are datable.

8. You should try to keep fit. There are many kinds of sports exist, so it won't be a problem. Pros: If you are fit you will make a good impression. If you are fit it means that you are self-confident. If you are fit it can help you to be on the top in bedroom.

9. Try to make her parents like you. The girl has to be sure that she can introduce you to her parents (or to close friends) without making a fool out of herself. So it is your purpose to look smart and behave yourself.

10. You shouldn't be impatient and interrupt the woman while she is talking. It is very ill-mannered.

11. You shouldn't be too emotional. If you give vent to your feelings this can tell the woman that you are weak. If you want to date her you will have to show the direct opposite. You will have to convince her that you are her strong shoulder; that you are self-confident; that you know what to do; and that she can rely on your emotional strength to be a help for her. It means that all those talks about your "past mistakes", "your problems" or "your failures" is not the best good idea!

12. Women are very generous and sensitive creatures. They really like talking and helping others. If you manage to combine those attributes and got a talk up and running by asking the woman: "Could I ask you for help? Could you tell me why/what/how/..." you will be in a half way. Ask her any question you like as long as the question is non-answerable by a simple "Yes" or "No". One of the most common man's mistakes is when you ask dead-end answers. If you ask a girl a simple and clear question then practically anything she can answer is a dead end. If you ask "Do you like this move?" it will be wrong. The only thing she can answer will be "Yes" or "No". Such question will not lead into a nice conversational flow. You should ask in a different way. For example-"What do you think about this move?" And let her talk for hours.

13. Be a good and reliable friend. Women need good friends. If you start to be her understanding friend she will be grateful and rewarding.

14. There is also a problem exists that the women are afraid to "open up" too much. To "invest too much emotions". To be "hurt too easily". If you make her trust you, you will manage overcome this barrier.

15. You shouldn't touch a woman without her agreement. You can spoil everything. However there are several dodges that can help you. You can touch her by accident after a certain relaxed atmosphere has been established: While reaching to something, while sitting down. You could also invite her to dance. Touching shows her that you are a man. A possible boy-friend. It also cuts through her social barriers.

16. Another good advice is to make incomplete sentences. The girls are usually fascinated with such things.

17. You shouldn't be too polite. If you decide to open a door for a woman or something like that you may get into trouble. It can make woman think you treat them as helpless creatures.

18. You have to think up beforehand what you will answer when she asks you who you are and what you do and what you want to achieve in life. If you begin to stutter and turn pale it won't be what they want to hear. If you tell her about your hobbies, your job and etc., she will classify as a man who she can trust.

19. If your relationships are established you should carry on showing the woman that you love and appreciate her. It is not difficult. You can do this by little things as buying flowers and small presents from time to time.

20. If you noticed a woman you want to make the first contact with then don't stare at her. Don't scare the girls off by being a creepy guy watching them from behind a corner!

21. If you want to impress a woman then you will have to learn to dance. All women throughout all countries and ethnical groups love men who can dance. If you can dance and women see what a flexible body you have then you are already melting them. On the other hand BAD dancing can be one of the worst turn offs.

22. If you want to succeed you'll have to look like a successful man. Women love men who know what they want. Women love men who achieve their goals. It is the wrong strategy to hope that a woman takes pity on you just because you look so shaken by life.

23. During the first meeting you should try to have great fun and know each other a little better. Don't be too serious and try to have a lot of laughs together. You can ask her to meet you again if you feel that you had a great time. If she also had a good time, she would be foolish to not to go out again.

24. When you meet a girl you should avoid just sitting and sharing memories. You have to try to make this meeting memorable instead. It means to do something special, unusual. This could be something small as a walk in a park. Or you could invite her to go the theatre for example. Making memories is the key to keep a long relationship going. Even during hard times you have a lot of memories that will protect you from easily splitting up.

25. If you have the girl's telephone number and want to call her for the first time, it is very important to consider some rules. First of all you shouldn't call her too soon. This can scare her away. The reasonable numbers would be 2 or 4 days after you met her. On the other hand you can tell her when you call her as soon as she tells you her telephone number. If it is so, keep our words! If you get her answering machine then you can leave a message saying when you call her back. Make up a plan of what to say beforehand. A blank head and stuttering give the wrong impression. After a conversational flow is established offer to meet her. You could suggest where you could go together, but don't force her to go there and don't criticize if she doesn't want to go there.

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